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Have you been searching for a company that can build your business or non-profit agency a web site, then you have come to the right place. We provide a line of quality web-related services at a very reasonable cost, DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS can expand your company's communications and services to the web.

Already have a web site? We can redesign the web site to your specifications, update old, tired content and provide a whole new look to attract the customers you want.

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In the event that we are out-of-the-office, or simply unable to take your call, please leave a message and we will attempt to return your call within a reasonable amount of time. However, distractions do occur and we may not respond as quickly as you would like, so please call again; or complete our online contact request... this is the preferred contact method.

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DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS presents DawgByte Domains and Hosting primarily devoted to the do-it-yourselvers who want to handle their own web site development, or at least acquiring a domain name. We're offering Domain Names .COMs starting at $9.99! With an array of FREE services with every domain. Hosting packages starting as low as $6.99/MO! You can also create everything from your own personal single-purpose page up to a powerful e-commerce site that's ready to roll. From $9.99/MO!

DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS would like to inform those seeking chartiable contributions, download our Chartiable Contribution Form. You may also stop by our shop, located in the Village of Proctorville Ohio. This form must be completed for our review and consideration. If approved you will be contacted by telephone.


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01/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS begins site development and promotion for Jacob Tolliver - Entertainer, Actor and Musician.

12/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS has been busy updating sites and submitting site design proposals. We currently have two (2) business proposals that have been accepted; site development for these clients will begin in 2017.

11/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS was awarded a site re-design contract for the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District (LSSWMD). DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS has been working with LSSWMD since 2006.

10/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS has been busy updating sites and submitting site design proposals.

09/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS has also been awarded a site development contract with WZZZ FM - 107.5 The Breeze and WNXT AM - Sportsmouth 1260.

08/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS has been awarded the contract to begin site development and promotion for WNXT Radio - Hometown Broadcasting, Portsmouth Ohio.

07/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS will begin site re-design for All Seasons Heating and Air.

06/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS was awarded the contract to begin site development for Portsmouth Building Supply.

05/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS is currently developing the following sites for T&A Mobile, Huntington WV...,, and

04/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS will be sponsoring Rock n' Roll House Party for our 15th year in a row.

03/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS has been busy updating services and software applications in preparation for vacation. Our offices will be closed from March 30th to April 6th.

02/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS was awarded the contract to provide site development services for National Yearbook.

01/16 DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS would like to inform our clients that all service updates, hosting server maintenance, etc., will be posted on our Facebook page.

DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS corporate offices are located in Proctorville Ohio. DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS provides web related advertising, design and promotional services to the Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia river cities and beyond. If you have any questions or concerns, it's always better to initiate correspondence via email. However, if you must call please call 740-357-0069; if we are unable to take your call, please leave a message. DAWGBYTE PRODUCTIONS has also established a number where our clients may call with any questions regarding billing, 304-412-3555.

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